"Steve did such a great job inspecting our soon to be home! He was available right away, he did such a thorough job of inspecting the house top to bottom, inside and out! He emailed us right away a really easy to read inspection report with pictures to explain each thing, and highlighted areas of concern. He walked us through everything. And then when we had the random "I’ve never owned a home" questions he replied right away with honest and educated answers. I would def recommend Steve to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

– Lydia G.

"I was blown away about how professional the reporting is.
I had a buddy from out of town buy a house. He sent me a Saturno home inspection report and asked me to verify all the closing items had been done. Super easy! Everything was color coded and had reference points. I was highly impressed with the ease of use and professional quality."

– Steven R.

"Steve is the most thorough home inspector in the Tahoe area. More importantly than that, he is a great guy that cares about the people that he is working with. He was happy to crawl in every nook and cranny that the house had to offer, and inspect everything possible. His list of suggestions was incredibly detailed, but he made sure to explain to me the most pressing and important things that I should think about replacing before moving in. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone in the Tahoe area, especially if you like things done right!"

– Cody B

Steve has continually showed professionalism, honesty and clear communication while assisting us in our home inspection process. Steve was very detailed and clear in explanation through use of photos, clear written analysis and verbal discussion. It was a pleasure to work with Steve as a first time home buyer in our community and I would utilize and recommend his services again to a friend.

– Mark Keim

If all of our house inspections were as detailed and professional, it would have saved a lot of anguish over the years.Thank you... brilliant work.

– Dick Dunbar

This guy knows his stuff. I’ve been buying and selling for years and I thought I knew it all. My girlfriend is in the market, so she called him in to walk through this 3 bed/2bath place with her, not comfortable with my opinion – or rather wanting a second opinion. Steve shows up and yeah, I’m feeling a little hurt, so I’m trying to prove to my gf that I know my stuff. This guys a wiz. Before I get a word in, he points out details on the place as though he’d been there before. Uncanny. I just shut up and listened. Yep, put in my place. The gf got the report later. Nice work.

– Food D. on Yelp

Thank you for your thorough inspection. I really appreciate the added time you spent checking out the crawlspace and furnace.

– Keegan Byrnes